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API Documentation Send

Simple Cloud Notifier

Get your user-id and user-key from the android or iOS app.
And send notifications to your phone by performing a POST request against https://simplecloudnotifier.de/ from anywhere

curl                                                                        \
    --data "user_id=${userid}"                                              \
    --data "key=${key}"                                                     \
    --data "title=${message_title}"                                         \
    --data "content=${message_body}"                                        \
    --data "priority=${0|1|2}"                                              \
    --data "msg_id=$(head /dev/urandom | tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 | head -c 32)"    \
    --data "timestamp=$(date +%s)"                                          \
    --data "channel={channel_name}"                                         \
    --data "sender_name=$(hostname)"                                        \

Most parameters are optional, you can send a message with only a title (default priority and channel will be used)

curl                                          \
    --data "user_id={userid}"                 \
    --data "key={key}"                        \
    --data "title={message_title}"            \